Top 5 Picks #15

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since we posted a Top 5 and we couldn’t think of a better Top 5 comeback than a Bathroom one lol! Why you ask? Here at the Blingo HQ we treat all rooms equally and with the same love. Poor bathrooms are so often neglected – but with some effort you could have a bathroom that makes you proud.

  1. Clean it! Everyone loves a clean, decluttered bathroom. First step is to empty all the cupboards and give them a good scrub. Then check all your products for expiration dates, signs of spoilness or old age. Do you really need all these things? Make sure you keep only the items that you use or really love. Use plastic containers or cute baskets to sort your things. Continue with the rest of your bathroom.
  2. Dress it! Once your bathroom is nice and clean you can dress it using matching textiles – towels, bath mats, shower curtains. Matching towels are a must!
  3. Decorate it! Now the fun part… use small frames, decorative objects and luxurious candles to create the perfect atmosphere.

A clean, sparkling bathroom is very relaxing and it will make a big impact on your mood.


All products from Asda/George Home / Primark

See you soon x


Colour Schemes 2016 #2

Hi guys!

How have you been?

Autumn is here! No, I’m not being funny, I know it’s mid October lol, but where I live autumn usually comes around this time of year. And so, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Fall (school starts, there is a cold breeze in the air, so many changes and decisions to be made… for some people autumn is considered to be “the beginning of the new year”) with the Autumn Colour Schemes for 2016.

As the weather gets cooler, we covet a cosier and warmer environment, so browns and beiges and neutrals are always welcome. Visit the Benjamin Moore website for more ideas.

Textiles and different textures are also very important. Try to pick warm and fuzzy textiles for a cosier look.


Oversized Decorative Pillow White

Faux Fur Stool White

Payton Side Table

Glass vase

Steamer Side Table

Fretwork Rug

For more inspiration visit our previous colour schemes or our Top 5 picks for Autumn.

See you soon x


Obsessions #1

Hi guys!

How have you been?

Have you ever felt like there are so many thoughts in your head that make it impossible for you to make up your mind? Well that’s how I feel with all the things I like right now lol. So I decided to create this new theme called “Obsessions” to try and keep track of all the lovely stuff I find online and would like to buy for my flat.

So today’s obsessions are:

  1. The Alana Collection /


Come on… Copper frame bed? I’m in love!

2. The Grid Four Shelf, Oliver Bonas


The collection is full of storage solutions in amazing colours.

3. The Zabel media unit, Swoon Editions


Care for a mid-century look? Then you’ll love this media unit as much as I do. This is a Must Have for me!

4. The Cult Living Finn Sofa, Cult Furniture


I’ve been dreaming for a sofa like this…

5. The Block Table, Scandinavian Design Centre

01Yes, I am a sucker for bar trolleys.



So these are my picks for today. Do you guys have any suggestions of really cool websites?

See you soon x



top 5 picks #13

Hi guys!

It’s Friday!!! Anyone else super excited that the weekend is here? Pretty much everyone right? lol

Top 5 youtubers 09.09.16.jpg

Today I’d like to share with you my favourite You-Tube channels. Basically these gals are amazing and you can find all sorts of inspiration on décor and DIYs.

A Beautiful Mess / Oh Joy / Mr Kate / Mary Elizabeth / Emily Henderson

I also love these You-Tubers for their fun and inspiring videos. It’s worth checking out:

Rachel Talbott for her organisation and cleaning tips

Nim C for her amazing DIYs

Vanessa Palomino for her clever ideas

Laura for her cute life hacks and DIYs

These are all young gals focusing on DIYs and décor ideas – I check their channels quite often to get inspired, plus their videos are super fun to watch!

Any channels on You Tube that you’d like to recommend on décor ideas or DIYs? Please let me know in the comment section.

See you soon x


(please note that these are my own personal favourites and under no circumstances is this a sponsored or promotional post)

The Rules of Decluttering

Hi guys!

Today got me thinking about cluttering.


Why do people clutter? Is it for sentimental reasons? Is it laziness? Is it because we love shopping and sometimes this gets too much (also called hoarding)? Well, whatever the reasons might be, cluttering can become overwhelming and even take control of our lives. That could happen because cluttering is snicky (lol), meaning that one thing leads to another and before we realise it things get out of hand. Also, after a while, our eyes can get used to too many things around us so we don’t even notice the piles of stuff and the dust that gathered around us. However, even if we don’t mind the clutter – and many people don’t – we should pay attention to its hidden dangers. Continue reading

makeover after makeover #2

Hi guys!!

It’s good to be back!!! After a long break, between a massive project (coming soon), holidays and summer laziness, Blingo Design is back! I missed you guys – I hope you missed our small family too. But now, as September is just around the corner and school’s about to start again, we are here for more Interior Design ideas, inspiration, tips and shopping suggestions – plus we’re going to have a few amazing G I V E A W A Y S for you guys!!! This is so exciting!

So, today we thought it would be a great idea to show you another makeover on a budget (remember our vanity makeover after makeover?). This one is inspired by the beach – and lets face it, even though summer is nearly over, none of us really wants it to end. So why not bring all those good times and carefree memories in your bedroom?

This is what this L.A. bedroom originally looked liked…


Yes, it was a sad bedroom looking for some attention and love. Continue reading