My address book makeover

Hi guys!

I decided to personalise my address book/planner as it looked kinda dull. I used wood glue (atlacol or mod podge will do just fine) and printed my favourite pictures from Alice in Wonderland. I glued the pictures on the cover and left to dry overnight.



  • I did “play around” with the pictures to come up with the result that worked for me
  • Try to use as much glue as you think is needed – but don’t overdo it as it might ruin the printed paper
  • Fold around the edges for a cleaner look
  • Once dry, you could add a layer of glue over the glued, printed pictures to seal the cover and protect it from water, dust etc. However keep in mind that the glue might affect the paper or the print
  • You can use printed paper or scraps from magazines


What do you think? It’s really easy and I love how my address book looks now!

See you soon x


Makeover an old side table

Hi guys!

Today is all about making over a couple of old side tables I used to keep in my storage room. I knew I liked them and I intended to use them eventually, but something was holding me back. Possibly the fact that the side tables were painted in gold paint and looked… too gold maybe?


So I used marble contact paper to give a fresher look and tone down the gold. I created a stencil from regular paper (I used wrapping paper) and copied that “shape” on the contact paper. I cut to fit the surface of the table and stuck the contact paper on the top of the table.


Don’t they look cute? I really like these side tables (guessing they were made around the 50’s) and I’m glad I could finally make some use of them. I decorated them with modern objects to balance the look.

What do you think?

See you soon x


Gotta love the 80’s

Hi guys!

This weekend has been so much fun! I visited a really interesting exhibition regarding my fav decade: the glorious 80’s!!! The exhibition is called GREECE IN THE EIGHTIES and I can surely say that it’s the best one I’ve been in a long time. The music, the fashion, the gadgets OMG! Highlight: The fully decorated 80’s apartment that is amazing! If you lived through this decade the following photos will bring back so many memories – even if you cannot visit the exhibition.

Enjoy 🙂

See you soon x


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DIY Fails

Hi guys!

Christmas is just around the corner and what a better idea than to DIY all your xmas presents? I always prefer DIYed gifts as I find them more thoughtful and personalised.

So, as I looked through YouTube, I found a couple lovely ideas for DIYed frames and I thought I should give them a try. And guess what guys… they both failed miserably lol! I followed the steps exactly as shown in the videos but for some reason my DIYs didn’t look as good as the ones I watched.

DIY Fail #1 – Decorate with nail polish (marble effect)


The concept is very simple. You feel up a bowl with tap water and drip a few drops of your favourite nail polish. You continue dripping nail polish drops until you have a marbled effect on the water surface. You then dip in your frame and when you take it out you should have the marble nail polish pattern transferred on your frame. Alas! It was impossible for me to make the nail polish float on the water surface. I couldn’t mix the colours to create a marble effect and eventually I ended up with this…


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Top 5 picks #17

Hi guys!

Following our new post series, let’s check out another idea to refresh our bedrooms for Winter.


This is a cosy look for those cold nights! May I remind you that these posts are not sponsored – we only want to inspire you 😉

All items from Ikea

See you soon x